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Management Consulting

Definition and development of company’s mission, vision and values

Objectives to be attained:
  • Company’s or department’s mission, vision and values that have been worked out not formally, but in essence.
  • The employees of the company have accepted mission and vision in essence (in their hearts).
  • Advanced team spirit and motivated employees, taking part in this process.
Provisionary schedule:
  • Research of current situation and corporate policy.
  • Identifying company’s values:
    • Understanding the value concept.
    • Definition of personal work values.
    • Definition of personal values priorities.
    • Definition of the company values on the basis of common and individual values of a team.
  • Definition of the company’s mission:
    • Elements of efficient mission statement.
    • Definition of the main stakeholders.
    • Definition of the competitive advantages of the company.
    • Definition of core competencies of the company.
    • Designing the company’s mission statement.
  • Definition of the company’s vision:
    • Understanding the vision concept. Vision related to long-term objectives.
    • Creating a fantasy of team’s vision.
    • Designing the company’s vision statement.
  • Developing the company’s identity (if necessary):
    • Understanding the company’s identity concept.
    • Identity formulation.
    • Creating identity metaphor.
  • Developing mission, vision and values communication plan for all the employees.

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Elaboration and implementation of the company’s sales or customer service standards and procedures

Objectives to be attained:
  • To document current sales (and / or customer service) procedures.
  • To elaborate those sales (and / or customer service) procedures, that are essential for the company, but have not been introduced due to some reasons.
Consultations provide:
  • Elaboration of the company’s customer service standards and procedures.
  • Elaboration of the company’s sales standard and procedure.
  • Implementation of the elaborated standards:

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Elaboration of the company’s training strategy and system

Objectives to be attained:
  • To elaborate the company’s training strategy.
  • To create the company’s training system.
Consultations provide:
  • Analysis of the company’s employee’s current competencies.
  • Analysis of the company’s employees desired competencies.
  • Setting goals for long-term training.
  • Definition of the training target groups.
  • Designing training program for each target group.
  • Implementation of the training program.
  • Providing training about the company’s product.
  • Introduction of experiential learning and on-job training in the company.
  • Management of training system.

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Results coaching for individual enterprise manager

What is “results coaching”?

    Every sportsman has his coach. The task of the coach is to lead his trainee to victory. That means: to analyze all his current skills and abilities, to help the sportsman in setting goals, as well as to provide goal-attaining plan. It is very important to monitor the sportsman’s progress, assessing achievements and interfering to prevent problems.

    A personal coach works in the same way – he is “coaching life competitors” – people that want to be efficient in their work and private life and attain high scores. Similarly to the sports, Individual coach (IC) keeps watch over his client, analyzing his activities and helping him by introducing relevant corrections to attain the client’s goal, for sometimes the client himself is not aware of his problems due to the fact that he is inside the process.

What are benefits of working with individual?
  • To get chance to out-distance your competitors and reach the goal quicker.
  • To increase your personal growths speed up for 300%.
  • To reinforce greatly your motivation to attain your goals.
  • To get effective advisor and supporter who is always on your side.
  • To feel great and enhance your psychological comfort.
What can be achieved by using result coaching?
  • Crystal clear formulated goals.
  • Step-by-step plan to attain your goals.
  • Boosting up self-confidence.
  • Finding harmony of mind and soul.
  • Solution to personal problems.
  • Ability to make decision in order to use your resources mot efficiently.
  • Starting to use your hidden reserves.
  • Advanced socializing and communication skills, ability to be liked by others.
  • Pleasant posture, gait and voice.
Counseling duration:
  • IC Bronze package: introduction session, followed by 8-hours long sessions, one per each week in two months time.
  • IC Silver package: introduction session, followed by 16-hours long sessions, one per each week in four months time.
  • IC Gold package: introduction session, followed by 8-hours long individual sessions, and not limited telephone sessions during two months period.

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Sales management consultations

Objective to be attained:
  • Improve the company’s sales department activities.
Consultations content:
  • Analysis of sales department activities.
  • Selection and introduction of the sales strategy.
  • Selection of appropriate sales methods.
  • Designing sales procedures and their implementation.
  • Motivation system of sales personnel and motivating process.
  • Organization, management and control of the sales personnel work.
  • Sales personnel training strategy, including product training, on-job training, and probation.
  • Sales documentation (offers, brochures etc) preparation.
  • Specific character of customer service management.

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