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Our Training Concept

Experience-based learning (learning by doing)

We bring a different meaning to the word "training" – it means gaining experience rather than listening.
We believe that knowing means being able to do. The old days of stand-up presentations called trainings are gone. We believe that people learn best from experience. We believe that people learn much more by practicing skills than talking about them. We believe in high-involvement activities – role plays, simulations, games, interactive exercises and working with the participants real-life issues.

Our training results are “skills in the muscles”

Training results are what people use, change or remember six months after the training session. That is what we call real results. Traditional training works for people who are extremely motivated to employ the skills they learn in their lives. For corporate training this in not often the case – people are often not so motivated to that. Often, all that remains after six months is a small part of what was taught in the training room and nothing from subsequent practical application.

Nordic’s training concept is that skills as well as knowledge has to be learned in the training room. Since learning a skill may require 20 repetitions, we spend up to 80% of total class time on training and practicing. We let people exercise the skill, make mistakes, get feedback (from self-reflection and from others), do it again, improve again and do it again until the skill is truly learned or “in the muscle”, and not just an idea in the mind.

Our content is “the difference that makes the difference”

Nordic’s course content is based on deep research and modelling of successful people in each area that we cover - successful salespeople, negotiators, presenters, managers, communicators etc. We base out content on the differences that makes the difference - those and only those behaviors, skills, strategies, beliefs and principles that guarantee necessary results in the fastest way possible.

Our training is designed both for the work and for the people

We are all human. We believe that the highest training impact happens when you train not only skills but also touch each participant’s personality. In Nordic’s training people often achieve a breakthroughs that produce powerful results in their work lives, and even in their personal lives.

Customization and flexibility

We are extremely flexible and able to customize our Lego-type training programs to fit client-companies’ specific needs through the process of cooperation and collaboration between the trainer and company representatives. And we create entirely new customer-specific programs addressing their problems and industry specifics.

Training needs analysis

Before the start of internal training we conduct, a “current situation analysis” together with employees of the company, paying attention to strengths and weaknesses of a specific sector. Any or all training participants can also be given a “current skill assessment” if necessary. Then all the involved parties identify the specific training goals. Only then does the training preparation process begin, with the trainer studying the company and its specific needs and goals.

Open and corporate trainings

The open training courses are attended by the participants from different organizations. These courses are held in small groups on our premises and their dates are scheduled.
The programmes of the corporate training courses are designed and adapted to the needs of a specific company and its operations.

Prior to the course analysis is carried out in the organization with the focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the target area. If necessary, the individual skills of each participant are assessed. Afterwards the goals of training are set and the training programme prepared as the teacher finds out the specific traits of the company and its problems.

By the end of the course the participants have acquired particular knowledge and skills. Our practice shows that the greatest improvement in the client’s organization is achieved in the result of courses lasting 2 – 3 years. Therefore we recommend creating long-term training programmes with the courses taking place at least once every half-year. In this case we act as long-term consultants raising the level of skills, providing tasks for their reinforcement and assessing the achievements.

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