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TimeMentor® - Efficient planning of goals, time and daily work


  • Increased personal efficiency by about 30 %
  • Reduced stress and overwork
  • High life and work motivation
  • Saving about 20 % time
  • Honest assessment of life priorities
  • Acquired time to organize weak areas in life
  • All goals, plans and tasks structured in a single system
  • At least 11 long-term goals for the period of up to 10 years
  • Skills:
    • set and follow priorities
    • plan and implement efficiently the existing job responsibilities and tasks
    • set long- and short-term goals
    • establish a plan whereby the goals are achieved
    • plan efficiently activities for a day, a week and a month
    • manage "time killers"
    • organize own job time and desk
    • do more with less effort
    • plan and control the work of subordinates



The seminar is organized in an interactive manner, the theoretical principles are enforced with practical goal-setting, drafting plans for the nearest future, other exercises and tests. Every participant gets a planning tool, TimeMentor® that is used throughout the seminar and afterwards at work and serves as the basis for learning the theoretical concepts in practice.



Duration of the game - 3 days (24 hours)

Participation fee

390 Ls + VAT








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Strategy, Team, Finances
Improve your time management


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